Solidarity Soccer Case Study: Sarah Peck

We spoke with Solidarity Soccer attendee, Sarah Peck, about her experiences attending the weekly innovative, informal women’s football training engaging women (16+) of any experience and ability in non-competitive football.

Solidarity Soccer is a great introduction to our alternative ethos, playing style and approach as a club and runs at the U-Mix Centre, Wednesdays, 7-8pm. Get in touch to get involved!


AFC Unity: In a few words, how would you describe Solidarity Soccer to someone who hasn’t been?

Sarah: Fun football training in a friendly and welcoming environment.

AFC Unity: Do you have any stories that stand out from your time of being involved in Solidarity Soccer?

Sarah: I came to Solidarity Soccer for the first time about 4 months after my daughter was born – it was the perfect environment to start getting back into sport again, especially the emphasis on technique and skills, rather than solely focussing on the physical side of the game.

AFC Unity: Has Solidarity Soccer had an impact on you outside football life?

Sarah: I think becoming involved in Solidarity Soccer has made me realise that you can play sport (especially football) and preserve the values that are important to you at the same time. It often feels that sport brings out the selfish, aggressive and judgemental side in all of us, but the way Solidarity Soccer sessions are conducted emphasises learning, inclusivity and fair play.

AFC Unity: Has Solidarity Soccer helped you with 11-a-side football at all?

Sarah: I’m not currently playing 11-aside but it has encouraged me to think about doing so in the future!

AFC Unity: If you could pick one word to describe Solidarity Soccer what would it be?

Sarah: Welcoming

AFC Unity: What has been your favourite skill to learn and why?

Sarah: Probably the double – drag back – it’s very slick and you can always make it more challenging by using your weaker foot or trying it at speed.

AFC Unity: Anything else to add?

Sarah: It’s been great to find AFC Unity and the Solidarity Soccer sessions and to find such a positive sports club, both socially and in the approach they take to playing football. The focus on skills development is fantastic as is the emphasis on fair play and inclusivity. It’s also great to be involved with a sports club that is so tightly knit to socially progressive causes, proving that sport can be a vehicle for caring about society more widely.

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