AFC Unity Teams Up With 1889 books

book1As the new season starts, AFC Unity has  teamed up with 1889 books to raise funds for the club through sales of a new book on the  rules of the game. You can buy the book via quoting “AFC promo” and  half of the profits will go to the club.

The book is an illustrated fan’s guide to the  laws of association football. All too often fans and players rant at the ref’s decision without really knowing what they’re on about (as do top TV pundits to be fair). Don’t be that fool.  With this book you can understand what is a red card offence, what constitutes hand ball, properly understand offside without having  to wade through the complexities of the official FIFA or FA versions of the laws.

Author Steve Kay said: “Many of the photos were taken at an AFC Unity match. Their  philosophy on the game chimes with my own, so I am pleased if this can help support  them.” Steve laughed when asked about the book’s title: “I did think hard about a gender neutral title, but it was clunky and anyway most of the ranting at the ref is in the men’s game, so decided it was OK.”

Co-Founder and Secretary, Jane Watkinson, added: “We are excited and very grateful for this opportunity to link up with Steve and 1889 books and help support and promote this fantastic work via the club.”

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Contact: Steven Kay, publisher,, e-mail:, tel: 07799 250186 |

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