The Launch of the “Kick a Ball” Challenge

The “Kick a Ball” Challenge from AFC Unity aims to engage women who have had little or literally no experience in kicking a ball, let alone playing football. Under the tutelage of coaches Jonny Hodgson and Olivia Murray, AFC Unity first team players will step up to the challenge as ambassadors in order to help develop two opposing 5-a-side teams over three one-hour sessions, with a fourth session featuring a 30min game (two 15min halves) between the two sides! The winning team and their ambassador(s) will receive a prize! The major rule is: “Absolutely no registered football players allowed in your team!” B9qUCX2IUAAcaGR
Ambassadors should seek to develop players with little or no experience. Sessions will take place on:

*February 14th
*February 21st
*February 28th
*March 7th (The match!)

Each session, AFC Unity ambassadors will pick the brains of the coach on the day and oversee their own group of players to develop their skills and strategies. More experienced players can help less experienced players so that every participant benefits.

Ambassadors should ask themselves:

• “Do I have enough players to field a team on March 7 th ?”
• “How can I recruit more players to my team?”
• “In what areas do each of my players need to develop the most?”
• “How can I utilise the coach to develop my team of players in front of one 5-a-side goal?”
• “In the time I have, how can I put together a winning team?”
• “What strengths do my playes have that I can have my team play to?”
• “How can I apply my 11-a-side football knowledge to 5-a-side?”
• “If my players are likely to get tired, do I have a big enough squad to rotate on matchday?”
• “How can I build the confidence of my players in preparation for matchday?”

If ambassadors wish to distribute project leaflets to their locality in order to recruit their team, these can be provided upon request. Please advertise on your social media pages too.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch!

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