AFC Unity’s red and black attack back on track with 8-0 win












AFC Unity manager Jay Baker saw his players deliver on his vow that the “red stars” would be better than ever, as they defeated Greasbrough in their long-awaited home win, one they provided in style with a staggering 8-0 result.

“I think everyone will agree that was worth the wait,” said Baker. “As I said last time, the best was yet to come, and I have thanked my players personally for making sure that claim was realised, because they stuck to this attacking plan, kept their positions, and did me proud.”

Coach Jonny Hodgson said: “AFC Unity have gone from being a team with a variety of abilities and achievements, to a united squad with one aim, and it’s such a major transformation across only a few months – this game really proved this, as they played with complete confidence and didn’t once drop their guard.”

Baker agreed. With AFC Unity 3-0 up at half time, it was important the team didn’t become complacent.

“The formation was workmanlike, and so were the players,” he said. “Everything was clinical, deliberate, but with a solid tempo, and we’re starting to see the effects of the training from coaches Jonny Hodgson and Olivia Murray as players put it all into action.”

“It was an amazing day and a fantastic team performance,” said Murray, before joking “At times it was like watching Brazil; I’m really proud of everyone.”

“‘Proud’ is an understatement,” said Hodgson.

Baker had special praise for Greasbrough, though.

“It just so happened that they played us on a day I’d decided it was time to throw everything but the kitchen sink at our opponents,” he said. “But they’re a great team, with a good ethos, and played some good football with a smile on their faces, and are only going to keep improving with that approach, so next time it could all be completely different.”

Greasbrough had no substitutes, and due to injuries, at times played with only ten.

“It was a similar story when we beat New Bohemians 7-2,” Baker pointed out, “and look at what they went and did after that: took us to the limit, and left us lucky to escape with a 3-3 draw the next time, so you never know.”

AFC Unity’s Nathalie Silver played her last game for the club, as she prepares to move to the Midlands, and coach Jonny Hodgson made special mention: “What a star,” he exclaimed. “She will be greatly missed by the whole team – she brought outstanding energy and enthusiasm.”

“Best wishes to her,” he added.

She enjoyed scoring in her last game, as AFC Unity’s goals came from Jane Watkinson (4), Lucy Strutt (2), Shanie Griffith, and Nathalie Silver.

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