It has begun…


Barely formed at the beginning of spring in 2014, we here at AFC Unity have already successfully procured funding from Just Play in order to start our training at the U-Mix Centre here in Sheffield! You may have seen a few of our posters around the city, but a good number of the players so far got involved through word-of-mouth.


We’ve been lucky to have some good people (and good players!) get involved in training sessions so far under the coaching of the excellent Jonny Hodgson, and as we build a squad into the summer months, we are setting our sights on entering full 11-a-side soccer, with the Sheffield & Hallamshire Women’s County Football League.

However, in order to do this, we require home ground to host visiting teams, and the search is ongoing. In addition, we’re seeking sponsors to support the team, the organisation as a whole, and the good community activities we’ll be delivering as part of our ethos and wider engagement.

If you can help with any of these, please get in touch!

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